cycling at the Kaiserstuhl

let´s bike

The Kaiserstuhl is a real center of attraction for cyclists, be they professional or amateur-cyclists.  The first bikers can already be seen on the road at the first sunrays. Discover fascinating natural beauty and romantic towns by bike.

With the bike on the Kaiserstuhl cycling-path (64km, day trip)

The Kaiserstuhl cycling-path leads as a circular path around the vineyard mountain and to the neighboring Tuniberg. The cycling-path goes through varied landscapes. The total length of the path is of 64km and is marked by KA you can also follow the signs with green writing.

From Ihringen the path takes you through follow towns: Ihringen – Breisach – Burkheim – Ruine Burg Sponeck – Rheinufer – Sasbach – Königsschaffhausen – Endingen –Riegel – Bahlingen – Eichstetten – Bötzingen – Gottenheim – Tuniberg –Merdingen – Ihringen.

The path is throughout signposted. In order to avoid greater ascents it is also possible to ride from Bötzingen to Wasenweiler – Ihringen (total travel distance by passing through Wasenweiler 54 km).
A beautiful day around the Kaiserstuhl awaits you. Hills: 80m ascent from Gottenheim/Merdingen to the Tuniberg, otherwise mainly flat.

With the bike on the Tuniberg mountain trail (~15km, evening round)
From Wasenweiler to Gottenheim continue right up to the Tuniberg mountain trail (marked by a green bicycle). Once arrived at the top you need to follow the signs toward Merdingen. The mountain trail goes over the Tuniberg, from which you will have a superb all-round view of the Black Forest, Rhine Valley and Vosges. In Merdingen turn left on the main road and follow it uphill until the way branches off to the right (Chapel). From there follow the signposts. Ascents: 190 meter.

Warning! Downhill rides are steep and narrow in some places. Watch for tractors during turns!

You will also find different marked tours like: 

1 Rhein-Tour:           Length 48,7 km, total ascent 525 m

2 Vulkan-Tour:         Length 32,9 km, total ascent 575 m

3 Tuniberg-Tour       Length: 34,5 km, total ascent 375 m

4 Dreisam-Tour        Length: 32,8 km, total ascent 150 m

For very sportive people the Kaiser Tour is the right solution: total ascent of 1.500 and length 60 km 

Beside the above-listed tours, other cycling routes go from Ihringen in direction of the Markgräfler Land, Black Forest and Vosges.
A bike tour map can be bought at the Kaiserstuhl Touristik Ihringen e.V. at 1,50 € as well as other information on the Kaiserstuhl.

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