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Wine days of Ihrinen (Weekend after the Feast of Corpus Christi)

During the wine days of Ihringen, the people from Ihringen celebrate their renowned wines.  The weekend after the feast of Corpus Christi is a fixed date during which the whole town is out.  All kinds of things are offered and a great atmosphere reigns thanks to a rich choice of dishes with badisch delicacies, life-music and wine. Romantically decorated yards with a typical flair of Baden and beaming faces await our guests.

We even have our homemade feast wine. A glass of wine as well as the winegrower-Olympiad (at which our guests can also participate) is also a part of the wine feast.

The potters market of Wasenweiler (first weekend of September)

The potters market in Ihringen-Wasenweiler is a hint for all ceramic-art enthusiasts. You will surely find your favorite piece among cups, plates, bowls or skillfully crafted vases.

Enjoy a self-baked pie during coffee time with musical entertainment. Beside the pottery, one can also commit himself to the wine. In an open wine cellar or by enjoying a quarter at the wine fountain. The proposed cellar guided tours complete the program.

Onion tart festival of Wasenweiler (during September)Onion tart is traditionally eaten with a glass of Federweisser. Every year during fall you will get this home-made speciality during the onion tart festival of Dreschschopf Wasenweiler.


Harvest festival (3d weekend of October)

The arrival of the last harvest wagon is, in Ihringen, a reason to celebrate. The whole town is up during the traditional parade. The townspeople of Ihringen prepare for the harvest festival with enthusiasm despite their work-filled time. Celebrations are on Saturday and Sunday with a large table of events at the wine growers’ cooperative, with accompanying wine, food and music. The open Sunday offers a great shopping experience and special promotions. The church service also enjoys a festive setting with a beautifully decorated altar.