Kaiserstuhl trail

the route of quality

Distance (21,7km path length)

Endingen – Erletal – Katharinenkapelle – Eichelspitzturm – Vogelsang-Pass – Neunlindenturm – Eichgasse – Vogtsburg-Bickensohl – Jägerbuck – Dulltalhütte – Lenzengasse – Ihringen.


The Kaiserstuhl trail leads through the unique landscape of the natural site Kaiserstuhl, on trails left in their natural state and through vineyards, deciduous forests, loess hollow paths and preserved areas. From the looking points on the Katharinenberg, the Eichelspitzturm and the Neunlindenturm you will discover beautiful views of the Black Forest and the Vosges. The Kaiserstuhl trail offers diversified landscape and a changing elevation profile. The path is accessible throughout the whole year, endurance is necessary.

What is a quality route?

The Kaiserstuhl trail has been rewarded the quality seal „Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland“(Quality Route Walkable Germany) for 3 years. The trails will be re inspected afterward. The hikers thus know that they can count on reliable, constant markings.  An important additional benefit of an inspected trail is an optimized marked out route, which were placed under the criterion “attractive natural landscapes”.

The quality route has been checked in 5 main areas:

  • The format of the paths, which means routes, pavement, broadness
  • Trail Blazing
  • Nature/Landscape
  • Culture/ regional points of interest Civilization for example stopping places, parking lots etc.

For more informations ask at Kaiserstuhl Touristik e.V. - tourist information phone: 0049 (0) 7668 9343