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Not only the volcanic rocks, the loess soils, and an assiduous care of the vines but also the work in the wine cellars make the ingredients for the Kaiserstuhl-wine. The grapes and their precious elixir are numerous like in no other German region.

Be it a bold Pinot noir, an elegant Pinot blanc or a lively Silvaner, the varieties are great. The Kaiserstuhl-wine contains the joie de vivre of the region and helps to forget the stress of your daily life for one or two hours.

Wine is best served with food, and in South Baden finding the right meal is no difficulty. Be it fresh from the grower or prepared with love in an idyllic guesthouse or in a casual wine tavern with asparagus and Kratzede, Brägele, Schäufele, Tarte flambée or Sür Esse. Our regional delicacies will contribute to your inner well-being.

Our gastronomical establishments are looking forward to your visit.

You can learn more about the cooking skills of our gastronomy in the category 'delicacies'. The respective menus of each establishment being of course more detailed. With a good meal comes a good glass of wine; our gastronomical establishments will surely suggest you the best wine to match your dish.

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