Nordic Walking

dream distances in the Liliental

Find your dream route on our Nordic Walking Routes. Nordic Walking has since long enriched our leisure activities and found many adepts. Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. It developed from an off-season ski-training activity known as ski walking to become a way of exercising year-round. Ski walking with poles has been practiced for decades as dry land training for competitive Nordic skiers. Compared to regular walking, Nordic walking involves applying force to the poles with each stride. Nordic walkers use more of their entire body and receive fitness building stimulation not as present in normal walking for the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulder, abdominals, spinal and other core muscles.

The routes begin from the “Eckweg” and lead through hollow-paths, vineyards into the Forestry Arboretum Liliental. Discover a diversified nature and enjoy the beautiful views into the Liliental during your hike.

If you are interested in Nordic Walking, you can rent poles at the Tourist Information for a daily fee of 2€.