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Hiking in the Liliental


Go on a discovery trip on 3 circular trails from 2 to 6 km. The terrain is ample and the trails wide and flat. Starting point of the circular trails is at the guesthouse ‘zur Lilie’.

If you begin by crossing the park you will discover a real conglomeration of trees. Then you will walk through many different forests. The Liliental is famous for its sequoia trees, which impress by their height. Not only the tree but also the shrub species are numerous and also contain some rare specimens.

The pyramidal orchid, marsh orchid and many other species are the highlight of the Liliental. The biotope of the Liliental is ideal for a multitude of orchid types which attract many visitors during spring. Many other flowers are of course present too, like for example the anemone.

You’ll discover more about the Liliental in the practical guide edited by the state forestry authorities “Das Liliental Kleinod am Kaiserstuhl” or of course during a visit. You can buy the practical guide at the Kaiserstuhl Touristik Ihringen at the prize of 2,50€.

Volcanic rock garden Winklerberg


A circular trail on the volcanic rock garden Winklerberg is by all means recommended. Length: ~2,4km.

The height difference is from about 70m. With good footwear, go on a 1 and a half hour long discovery hike. Most suitable hiking time “mornings”

Children and family fun

Wendelin Wiedehopf

With Holly the hoopoe through the vineyard

Length of the trail: 2km

Experience 1,5 to 2 hours of family fun.

Discover more about this topic under “Discover & See”

With Bobby the bumblebee through the fruit gardens

Length of the trail: 1,2km

Walking time: 1 hour