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beautiful nature

Canoe – Rhine Kanu

It is possible to practice canoe at several places. Information on the location centers and guided tours: Tourist Informations.

Leiselheim Chair – Sasbach-Leiselheim

At this place, Otto III, who became later Emperor (“der Kaiserstuhl” = “the Emperor’s chair”), is supposed to have hold a court day. This chair may be photographed.

„Auf dem Eck“ – Vogtsburg-Oberrotweil

Between Kiechlinsbergen and Oberrotweil, there is a serpentine road called « Texaspass » by the population. It is possible to stop in order to take a photo. From the “Mondhalde”, gorgeous overview on the Kaiserstuhl and on the Vosges. A nice panoramic photo with the Totenkopf (highest elevation 557m) may be taken.

Das Baldloch (bath hole - Oberbergen)

The curative source with an all-year temperature of 21° was already enjoyed by the Romans in the first century to Chr. In the bath one can enjoy a little travelling break to his feet. There is also a comfortable picnic place

Pasture of Schelingen - Vogtsburg-Schelingen

Remarkable and various flora. Guided tours: see program of the Kaiserstuhl nature center. Access through the “Katharinenpfad” path or from Oberbergen (follow the indications). Suggestion: sundial at the ground in Schelingen

Loess-hollow-path called « Eichgasse » – Vogtsburg-Bickensohl

These paths are created by viticulture and erosion and are specific to Kaiserstuhl. These steep walls are also the  houses of the bee-eater (“Bienenfresser”), who digs his nest into the loess. Specific maps are on sale at the Tourist-Info.

Historic observation tower “Neunlindenturm” – Ihringen

Nice panoramic overview on the Kaiserstuhl. Access through the pathes:  « Kaiserstuhlpfad » and «Neunlindenpfad»

Amoltern heath – Endingen-Amoltern

One of the Kaiserstuhl’s oldest natural parks, with several orchid varieties. Information about the vegetation on the “Amolterer Kräuterpfad" path (0049-7668-689990.)

Eichspitze tower – Eichstetten

By clear weather, there is a nice overview on the Kaiserstuhl, the Vosges and the Swiss Jura.

Liliental – Ihringen

The Liliental’s numerous paths cross exotic tree plantations and orchid prairies. Open at all times.

Suggestion : Guided tour by the « Liliental’s guardian » („Hüterin des Lilientals“); on request, 0049-174-6293839

Winklerberg volcanic rocks garden – Ihringen

A path presents the natural and geological specificities of this exceptional place, which house for instance green lizards, mantises and various cacti. One of the most famous vine area.

Greyhound racing track - Freiburg-Waltershofen

From April to October, a public training of the greyhounds takes place every Sunday (11 am – 3 pm).

There are also public races (planning:

English garden– March-Hugstetten

One part of the Hugstteten castle (private property) –the English garden, a little house and a small mill – is opened to visitors. Very romantic place.

Corn maze labyrinth – Freiburg- Opfingen

Very funny, especially for families. Boots or washable shoes recommended. Open from the end of June to the corn harvest.

43 Bambutopia – Schallstadt-Mengen

The Bambutopia presents sculptures into a bamboo-wood. The art works can be seen at every time. A financial support is welcome.

Mundenhof - Stadt Freiburg

The Mundenhof is a free-admission zoo with numerous exotic animals. A financial support is welcome.