The climate at the Kaiserstuhl creates a fertile valley floor which brings forth a rich variety of fruits. Numerous terraced orchards characterize the landscape.

Fruits can be used in many different forms, be it in cake, with dessert or simply to sink your teeth into.

And if the delicious aroma of the different types of fruit does not suffice you, you should try our many Schnapps flavors.

From berries to stones fruits, wild fruits or grapes, wine and its side products (yeast and grape pulp). The varieties are great.

Our Ihringer distillers are looking forward to your visit and a tasting will surely be possible at one or the other.

If you are interested in the distillation process you can look in our calendar of events when it is possible to 'look over the distiller's shoulder'.

Some brandies arrange schnapps degustations.

During winter, the Kaiserstuhl-Touristik generally organizes a distillery tour.