hiking at the Kaiserstuhl

including fantastic views

Experience a unique hike through the romantic vineyards. Walk through historical ‘loess-hollow-paths’ or find your way past charming wine-grower’s huts. You will be rewarded, at any rate, by beautiful panorama views of the Rhin plane, the Black Forest and on the Vosges. Discover a new theme trail network and follow the tracks of the European bee-eater, or would you prefer to walk among the hoopoe trail?

An exotic wood paradise in a wine region (nearly unbelievable) allows many hiking and experiencing possibilities. You will experience a real summit of different nations in the forest arboretum Liliental. International giants like the sequoia, more than 30 different types of wild orchids and many others await you there. Become a botanic expert on different nature trails.

Not only plants and animals are able to appreciate the Mediterranean climate, rare heat-loving animals like the green lizard, mantis, the hoopoe or European bee-eater like to dwell on the steep vineyard slopes. Discover from the opuntia (the wild cacti) to the common wall lizards, a 15 million years old volcanic history: lava streams, tephrites and other geological characteristics just waiting to be discovered. Take a tour at the volcanic rock garden and discover more about the wine making.

Go on a exciting discovery tour in family and follow Holly the hoopoe through the vineyards or Bobby the bumblebee. The aroma and herb garden is also a great place to discover nature, for young and old. A wide program of the particularities of the region awaits you at the Kaiserstuhl Nature Center.