churches and chapels

Litzelberg Chapel – Sasbach

Pilgrimige chapel

St Michael’s cath. Church – Vogtsburg -Niederrotweil

This church is among the Breisgau´s oldest ones. It contains many treasures: the paintings, the altar, the organ (1758)

Suggestion : St Pantaleon’s Chapel

Pasture of Schelingen - Vogtsburg-Schelingen

Remarkable and various flora. Guided tours: see program of the Kaiserstuhl nature center. Access through the “Katharinenpfad” path or from Oberbergen (follow the indications).

St. Roman’s church – Alt-Vogtsburg

Very harmonious church.

mountain church – Bahlingen

Early protestant church; with an old tower.

Mountain church – Nimburg

Some of the old church’s elements (10th century) are still conserved in the choir and the sacristy.

Suggestion : St Stephan’s Catholic Church

St Vitus’ Chapel – Ihringen- Wasenweiler

Beautiful frescoes from the 15th Century; small tabernacle in the choir. Visits: 0049-7668-5058.

Protestant Church – Ihringen

Gorgeous windows by V. Feuerstein. Visits and guided tours: 0049-7668-9343 ; open all the day.

St Stephen’s Cathedral – Breisach

Thanks to the frescoes by M. Schongauer and the altar in the cathedral but also to the nice historical town center, this small town on the Rhine is one of the Breisgau’s most interesting places. Information and guided tours: Tourist-Info (market place).

St. Michael’s Church – Breisach-Gündlingen

Interesting chapel with a beautiful altar from the Renaissance.

St. Remigius’ catholic Church – Merdingen

One of the region’s most beautiful churches thanks to its baroque decorations, paintings and statues.

St. Bartholomew’s Chapel - FR-Opfingen-St. Nikolaus

The small chapel was completed in 1986 and is the successor to the old chapel of St. Bartholomew (1347) that once the moated castle (mid-14th century.) - Private property - belonged.

Erentrudi’s Chapel – Freiburg-Munzingen

The chapel is the landmark of the Tuniberg Mountain. The history of the pilgrimage chapel goes back till 1000.

The chapel was equipped in 1748 with a relic of the holy Erentrudis and was formerly used as  Hermitage.