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It would be easy to say that every tasted wine is good. The more one deals with the matter, the more one understands that 'good' does not describe a wine sufficiently enough. Wine tasting is an art.

A wine connoisseur always takes different components into consideration. Aroma and “in mouth” sensation of the wine, like its acidity (which is responsible for the freshness of a wine), residual sweetness or sapidity (mineral salts) and harmony are here a main point. A trained tongue being of course prepared for the nuanced flavors.

The essential remains however to rely on one's own good taste and appreciation.

During wine tasting, the appearance of the wine, meaning its color, should first be checked. The consistence of a wine can be determined by the viscous streaks (called legs or tears) left down the inside of the glass when swirled. Then comes the smell and tasting phase.

When you'll have found your favorite wine, don't hesitate to come visit the respective winery for a little wine chat for example – surely you'll be a « connoisseur ».

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